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IMPORTANT: For this DFY installation we will also create an affiliate account at TravelPayout for you. If you already have TravelPayout account you can simply send us a temporary login, or tell us to create a new account for you - whichever you prefer.

* As the name says: Cloud4WP so your cPanel account should be used only host WordPress sites - please do not host MP3 sites, forum sites, etc. which should be hosted on a VPS..

** Please don't use these cache plugin: W3 TotalCache, WP SuperCache, WP RocketCache, etc. We already have server-side caching system so CACHE PLUGINS are no more needed.

* Please Follow The Steps Below *

The initial step is to get a domain name for your WP Travel Site.
You can get TLD domain for as low as $1, here's the list:$1_TLD_Domains.pdf/file

Once you have a domain name ready, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Update nameserver for your domain to and

IMPORTANT: Please be sure this step is done. Domain propagation can take anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours. So if you do this first step then it will speed us up to finish your site installation.

Godaddy User: How to Update Your Domain Nameservers
NameCheap User: How to Update Your Domain Nameservers

Step 2 - Submit a ticket here

Step 3 - On the ticket please let us know:
[+] Your domain name where you want to be hosted on the cPanel
[+] Where you want the travel site to be installed (usually on the same domain as above)
[+] Optional: your TravelPayout temporary login details (if you don't have one then we'll create an account for you).

Step 4 - We will create your new cPanel hosting account and do the installation for you!

Step 5 - Visit the KnowledgeBase here while you're waiting..

* Site Installed So Far: 316 * In Queue For Installation: 12

HINT: Please wait until we finish the installation.. We need to wait until your domain is propagated before we can start the installation, so be sure the 1st step is DONE before you submitting a ticket.

Remember it cost 2x if you outsource the installation on Fiverr (excluded the hosting cost) and they finish the delivery in 5-7 days, while we provide the installation much faster than them +PLUS powerful Cloud WP Hosting is included.

This is a "3 jobs in 1" offer: site installation, TravelPayouts setup and Cloud WP Hosting setup. You won't find this kind of deal anywhere else 😉

Need Extra Site Installation?

If you want us to install another website, you can use this link below then enter code INSTALLVIP on the coupon field for $40 OFF. After the purchase then the next step is basically the same as shown on this page exclude the cPanel creation.

You can use this $40 OFF coupon to profit from your client, EG: charge them $97 for installation service while you only pay $27 to us.. But remember extra cPanel is not included if the coupon is used and your hosting must have a cPanel.

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